York Clinic’s director, Hugh MacPherson, is a beekeeper. It’s now that exciting time of year when he can start collecting the honey from the hives. Hugh has six hives in total; on Thursday I helped to extract the honey from the first three. The honey is available from reception at the clinic. Having eaten quite a lot of it during the extraction process, I can guarantee that it is delicious!


Extracting the honey:

Once the frames are collected from the hives, the first job is to remove the wax caps from the honeycomb so that the honey is visible.

(I was good at this bit, especially at eating the excess honey that dripped into the bowl…)


Three uncapped frames are put into the honey extractor and spun by hand so that the honey flies out of the comb and collects at the bottom of the extractor.

CIMG6849     CIMG6847

The honey is drained from the extractor and filtered to remove any remaining wax.


The filtered honey is then put into jars, sealed and labelled. After eight hours’ work we had 157 one-pound jars.


Even Zorro was ready for a nap!