A number of our recent blog posts have focused on research into the complementary therapies available at the York Clinic. Clinic Director Hugh MacPherson, for example, has been involved in research into the effectiveness of acupuncture, counselling and the Alexander Technique for various conditions [1][2].

In 2010, three experts brought science-based or ‘mainstream’ medicine under similar scrutiny. In an article for the Huffington Post Blog they explored the evidence for the effectiveness of mainstream medicine, considering whether common medical treatments had been scientifically demonstrated to be beneficial [3]. The results are perhaps surprising.

Based on evaluation of around 3000 common medical treatments by the British Medical Journal, only 11 percent of treatments were shown to be absolutely beneficial [4]. A further 24 percent were likely to be beneficial, while seven percent were as likely to be harmful as beneficial. At the opposite end of the scale, five percent were unlikely to be beneficial and three percent were likely to be harmful or ineffective. This leaves a remarkable 50 percent of the treatments for which the effectiveness is unknown.

The authors of the Huffington Post Blog suggest that, while alternative therapies should not be adopted just because they are alternative, they should not be dismissed out of hand on the grounds of a widely held notion that mainstream medicine is the only ‘real’ – or scientifically verified – form of healthcare.


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