Tension-type headaches have made my life very difficult. I can’t concentrate and I feel tired a lot of the time, and I’m fed up with taking tablets. Is there an alternative?

Yes. Acupuncture is one of a number of options which have a proven success in dealing with tension-type headaches in the short-term. Headaches are one of the most common reasons why people consult an acupuncturist in the UK, and the evidence for tension headaches is well-documented and accepted. Not only can treatment deal directly with the symptoms you experience, but the general sense of well-being and relaxation associated with the treatment can help to reduce and hopefully provide temporary relief of the symptoms.

Many people experience headaches of this nature because of the working patterns of modern life, with the focus on screen-based work and long hours sitting in the same position. Your practitioner will explore with you what practical steps you can take to help the treatment to have the maximum possible benefit. Call York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare on 01904 709688 and speak to one of our acupuncturists about your headaches.