Uncomfortable symptoms experienced by many women during the menopause can be effectively managed with herbal medicines prescribed by medical herbalists.  A recent study shows that herbal treatment led to significant improvements for many women.

The menopause affects women in different ways and there is a wide range of symptoms of varying intensity. The study lists sixteen symptoms including hot flushes, mood swings, and joint pain.

Treatment with HRT prescribed by the GP is not a treatment choice for many women, either because it is contraindicated, or they prefer a more natural form of treatment. Many women want an effective alternative and one they feel comfortable taking for a longer duration. However, whilst individual herbs such as black cohosh and red clover bought over the counter can relieve menopausal symptoms not everyone finds them beneficial and the evidence is contradictory. These formulations do not meet the individual requirements of each woman.

The variation in women’s experience of the menopause supports the need for treatment to be tailored to each individual. The study showed how this was provided by a medical herbalist who, following a full consultation, selected several different herbs most beneficial to the patient.

The medical herbalist was able to respond to the needs of the patient and the symptoms experienced, and vary the herbal prescription and protocol as necessary. Selecting an individualised mixture of herbs also allows treatment of other organ systems that may be affected by the menopause and not just those associated with decreasing oestrogen levels.

The women in the study reported not just an improvement in menopausal symptoms but improved wellbeing and the ability to carry out a chosen activity thus enhancing their quality of life.

Michaela Scott, Medical Herbalist at York Clinic says:

“I love supporting women going through the menopause: Seeing the relief on their faces when they are listened to and reassured that they aren’t going mad and that there is something they can do about the myriad of symptoms; helping them understand what is going on; discussing the treatment options (so that they can make an informed choice about what they want to do to improve their wellbeing) and sharing their joy when symptoms improve or disappear! 
I see women every week for one to one consultations, but I’m also involved in a special Menopausal Wellbeing Day which I’m delighted has got a mention in The Press today”


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