Debbie Priestley has practised acupuncture and sports massage at York Clinic for 14 years. She is now offering a new kind of massage, using a PhysioPod™ DEEP OSCILLATION® machine. She is the only PhysioPod™ therapist in the York area.PhysioPod

PhysioPod™ DEEP OSCILLATION® massage is a gentle form of massage therapy. Using a massage machine, Debbie can treat people in the acute (i.e. early and most painful) stages of an injury. The machine allows her to work on tissue up to 8cm below the skin, without needing to apply the level of pressure normally used in a deep tissue sports massage.

How does it work?

Debbie and the patient are both connected to the PhysioPod™ DEEP OSCILLATION® machine. The patient holds a metal bar and Debbie is connected to the machine via an electrode that is stuck to her body with an adhesive pad. This creates an electrical current so that when Debbie places her hands on the patient, electrostatic pulses permeate into their body. The pulses pass through the skin and fat layers, into the muscle below. Debbie can control the frequency of the current as appropriate. While the massage might create a warm or buzzing sensation, the electrical circuit is not completed so the machine can’t deliver an electric shock.

What can it be used for?

The gentleness of the pressure applied to the skin means that it is particularly effective in treating recent and painful injuries that are sensitive to touch. For the same reason, it is appropriate for elderly people and others with delicate skin.

The DEEP OSCILLATION® massage works best when focussed on a specific area of the body. As well as manipulating the muscle itself, it can help to reduce pain, inflammation, swelling and bruising and can break up fibrosis and scar tissue. Debbie can also treat certain types of lymphoedema (see note below) and has found it particularly effective for cosmetic facial treatments, such as reducing the build-up of fluid that causes bags under the eyes.

The evidence.

The effectiveness of PhysioPod™ DEEP OSCILLATION® massage has been demonstrated in a number of in vitro and clinical studies. You can find out more about PhysioPod™ on their website.


There is more information on Debbie’s website about her work. The text in this blog is adapted from Debbie’s website.

Lymphoedema: Debbie will need to discuss this with you in advance. Please contact her on 07944 445371, before 7pm please.

To book an appointment with Debbie, please contact the York Clinic on 01904 709688. Reception is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. Alternatively, email us at or use our contact form. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Image courtesy of PhysioPod™.