“Creating Feisty little Eggs with Acupuncture!”

By Ali Longridge PhD MScAc MBAcC MACT

Acupuncturist specialising in Fertility

In her book “It Starts with the Egg” (2017) Rebecca Fett writes – 

“ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is quite literally the energy of life. It moves muscles, makes enzymes work, and powers nerve impulses…and it is the primary form of energy used by eggs. A growing egg needs a lot of ATP and has a lot of mitochondria. In fact, each egg has more than 15,000 mitochondria – over ten times more than any other cell in the body. (Van Blerkom 2011) The follicle cells surrounding the egg also contain many mitochondria and supply the egg with additional ATP (Shigenega et al 1994). But these mitochondria must be in good condition to make enough energy.”

Ali Longridge, acupuncturist at the York Clinic writes, “And acupuncture is about helping your ovaries take on board as much nourishment as possible to create super feisty little eggs. Eggs with the strength and determination to navigate their way down the fallopian tube, pick the best sperm, fertilise, and transform into equally feisty little embryos!”

We know that eggs from follicles with an optimum blood supply and oxygen content have higher fertilisation rates (Bahl et al 2001) and that as we get older, blood flow to our ovaries naturally declines (Van Blerkom et al 1997; Tejerra et al 2011), particularly if we have used the contraceptive pill to suspend function. Ali adds, “The joy is that there are things that acupuncture can do to recharge the mitochondria and help the egg mature with the correct number of chromosomes, fertilise beautifully, and implant successfully!”

“The first step is a brilliant nourishing diet that suits your constitution and provides the nutrients essential to life. But have you thought how you can better get these nutrients to your eggs?”

When we work to improve egg quality, the focus of fertility acupuncture is on increasing blood flow to the ovaries to promote the growth of new blood vessels; extending and improving the circulatory network, in a process called angiogenesis (Du et al 2011). This improved circulatory network from acupuncture is then able to flood the ovaries with those dietary nutrients and oxygen (Stener-Victorin et al 2011 & 1996), to create healthy mitochondria and an abundance of ATP.

Rebecca quotes fertility consultant Robert Casper:

“the ageing female reproductive system is like a forgotten flashlight on the top shelf of a closet. When you stumble across it a few years later and try to switch it on, it won’t work, not because there’s anything wrong with the flashlight, but because the batteries inside have died.” 

To book an appointment with Ali, please contact the York Clinic on 01904 709688 or email York Clinic at email@yorkclinic.com  .  Alternatively if you’d like to find out more about fertility acupuncture please contact Ali Longridge on her confidential  email account, ali.longridge@icloud.com



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