The PhysioPod™ is a machine which offers a gentle, non-invasive, non-traumatic treatment. PhysioPod™ DEEP OSCILLATION® is especially gentle and makes it an ideal treatment alternative for fresh trauma, postoperative symptoms, acute pain and in the area of open wounds.  It is ideal for the elderly or those with sensitive skin.

It may also be effective in treating

  • Highly effective in reducing pain
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Effective in reabsorbing oedema (swelling)
  • Encouraging wounds to heal
  • Fibrosis Reduction
  • Bruising
  • Detoxification
  • Improving quality of tissue


PhysioPod™ DEEP OSCILLATION® massage can treat people in the acute (i.e. early and most painful) stages of an injury as  well  as pre and postoperatively. The machine allows works on tissue up to 8cm below the skin, without needing to apply the level of pressure normally used in a deep tissue sports massage.  The effects of DEEP OSCILLATION® take place in the tissue itself and work through the entire depth of the tissue layers (skin, connective tissue, subcutaneous fat, muscles, blood and lymph vessels).


Pre and Postoperative Therapy

With DEEP OSCILLATION®, oedemas (build up of fluid) and haematomas (as a collection of blood outside of blood vessels) can be relieved considerably faster than with conventional therapies.  Because it can used at an earlier stage than other therapies, the wound healing processes are stimulated, local inflammation is inhibited and pain is significantly reduced and scar quality can also be improved.

Lymphoedema is defined as ‘an abnormal accumulation of protein rich fluid in the tissues’*. Using the DEEP OSCILLATION® can reduce limb volume and the skin condition and lymphatic drainage can be improved. 

Pain Reduction

In conditions where great pain is experience such as fibromyalgia and Sudeck’s dystrophy, DEEP OSCILLATION® may have a strong pain relieving effect, which often means that pain relief can be reduced. The treatment may suppress inflammation and oedema induced pain by restricting pro inflammatory cell movement to the damaged area, by reducing the inflammatory mediator release and by oedema reduction.

Anti Inflammatory

DEEP OSCILLATION® suppresses acute and chronic inflammation by restricting pro-inflammatory cell movement to the damaged area, by reducing the inflammatory mediator release, and by inhibiting water and protein leakage from the blood and lymph vessels.

Debbie Priestly, who works at York Clinic, is one of the few people in York who is qualified to treat using the PhysioPod.  For more information about Debbie or the treatment please visit Debbie’s website or the Physiopod website

Research into the Physiopod can be found at


To book an appointment with Debbie, please contact the York Clinic on 01904 709688. Reception is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays, and from 9am to 2pm on Saturdays. Alternatively, email us at or use our contact form. We will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Lymphoedema: Debbie will need to discuss this with you in advance. Please contact her on 07944 445371, before 7pm please.

Image courtesy of PhysioPod™.

*BLS – British Lymphology Society