The anxiety caused by unpredictable lockdowns and Coronavirus is something the whole world has had to deal with this year. Which is why taking care of our physical and mental health is more important than ever. We’re incredibly pleased to be able to stay open serving the community through the second lockdown. In this series of blog posts we hear about our practitioners’ experience with lockdown and their return to work. Here’s our conversation with acupuncturist Amanda Preston.

York Clinic: Tell us a bit about what you do…

Amanda Preston: I have the best job ever! I meet many wonderful people and use my skills as an acupuncturist to help them feel better and reach their full health potential.

YC: Do you have specific interests and specialism within acupuncture?

AP: One of the joys of having been in practice for 16 years is that I have so much experience of working with a wide range of health issues. Anything from pain and mental health problems to fertility and pregnancy treatments.

YC: How was lockdown for you?

AP: I loved it! I enthusiastically embraced home schooling my two young boys. They enthusiastically convinced me that my time was better spent developing my own creativity. I painted. Many things. A lot.

YC: How does it feel to be practicing again?

AP: I am so deeply grateful to be treating again. For me, practising acupuncture is as much a joy as it is a job.

YC: How have you had to adapt your practice in recent times?

AP: As acupuncturists we wear PPE, space out our patients so we can thoroughly clean and ventilate the rooms between appointments, and we spend a lot of time doing COVID screening and other admin. Other than that, its business as usual.

YC: What’s the best thing about working at York Clinic?

AP: The people. My friends and colleagues; the beautiful old building; the staff garden and the cherry tree. Having a car park. Being close to home. So many things. That’s why I’ve been here for twelve years!

YC: What is a good day at York Clinic like?

AP: Every day’s a good day! True story

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