Rachel HoskerRachael Hosker, aged 26, writes about her positive experience of having acupuncture treatment with York Clinic Director Hugh MacPherson for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

“After being diagnosed with IBS shortly after turning 18, I had tried all medication offered to me via the GP and had been self-medicating for over 8 years with Loperamide during acute episodes due to worsening symptoms. Suffering for such a long period made the abdominal cramps, bloating and urgency part of normal everyday life and I was taking medication as routine. After a particularly aggravated period whilst traveling abroad I decided to seek the help of acupuncture from Hugh MacPherson at the York Clinic for Integrated Healthcare on my return to York in April 2015, in
a desperate attempt to regain even a small amount of relief from my symptoms.

The results have been phenomenal! The small amount of relief I was seeking has been surpassed by complete absence of symptoms. For the first time I felt my personal experience of IBS was listened to and a unique treatment plan made, discussing at each appointment specifically what symptoms were troubling me and each time I felt further improvement and ease of discomfort. From as early as the second session I have been medication free and now, having nearly finished my course of acupuncture, the symptoms have gone. As somebody who never left the house without an emergency stash of medication and avoided situations which I knew would potentially leave me vulnerable this has been amazing. I felt in control for the first time since I was diagnosed and was able to discuss with Hugh any pitfalls along the way.

I feel my experience of acupuncture has made a tremendous difference to my life in general with an immense improvement in my confidence as I am now not worried about when my IBS may strike and for the first time in over eight years have been symptom free. Hugh’s constant professionalism and wish to achieve the best for me gives me the reassurance that, should my IBS return, he would be my first port of call. I would unreservedly recommend acupuncture for sufferers of IBS as it has offered me the answers and relief numerous GPs and trials of medication could not.”

For more information, here is Hugh talking about research into acupuncture and IBS.

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