Three of the acupuncturists at York Clinic – Alison, Amanda and Harriet – are founding members of the Acupuncture for Childbirth Team (ACT) Yorkshire. ACT Yorkshire is a group of acupuncturists who offer specialist treatment for fertility, pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal health. Here are some examples of what they do:

Enhancing Fertility

A couple’s fertility depends on many factors including constitution, age, lifestyle, diet and stress levels. Acupuncture can be used whether or not there is a diagnosed reason for infertility. Where there is no diagnosed reason, acupuncture aims to strengthen both partners’ constitutions and create a harmonious environment for conception. Acupuncture can also support all stages of assisted conception (IUI, IVF, ICSI, IMSI and FET). It eases anxiety, helps with medication side effects like nausea, and improves the chances of pregnancy.

During Pregnancy

At this stage, acupuncture is used to smooth the flow of energy in the mother’s body. It can help relieve pain, improve mood, reduce anxiety, and alleviate pregnancy nausea and heartburn.

Prebirth Treatments

Towards the later stages of pregnancy and past the due date, more regular treatments can be given to harmonise the mother’s energy and encourage the natural process of labour.

During Labour

Traditional acupuncturists believe that labour should be a natural process, directed by the flow of energy in the mother’s body. This does not mean that the labour is painless, but that the contractions are efficient so that the mother does not become exhausted and can remain calm and in control. In the early stages of labour, acupuncture can smooth the flow of energy to support the efficiency of contractions. It can also be used during the transition between the first and second stages of labour and, once the baby has been born, to assist the third stage. Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with conventional methods of pain relief and will often complement their effectiveness.

In the Post-Natal Period

Chinese medicine emphasises that first six weeks after birth is a time when the mother needs to conserve her energy and regain her lost reserves. Without proper care during this time there is increased risk of poor milk supply, prolonged depression and exhaustion. Acupuncture can help in this important period to balance body and mind and improve wellbeing.


To book an appointment with Alison, Amanda or Harriet, please phone the York Clinic on 01904 709688 between 9am and 6pm or weekdays, or between 9am and 2pm on Saturdays. Alternatively, email us at, or use our contact form.

For more information about ACT Yorkshire, please visit their website.