Yet another study of the effectiveness of acupuncture in dealing with knee pain has recently been published. It examines all randomised controlled trials in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee which have been published up to January 2013. That’s a total of 114 trials covering almost 10,000 patients. The aim was to include a variety of treatment approaches to dealing with osteoarthritis of the knee which ranged from muscle-strengthening exercise to acupuncture, from balneotherapy (the treatment of disease by bathing) to aerobic exercise.

The study found that of all the interventions, acupuncture and muscle-strengthening exercise were better than standard care, and acupuncture was the all out winner as statistically significantly better than muscle-strengthening exercise.

There is a lot of research still to do on the the effectiveness of physical treatments on knee pain specifically and muscular-skeletal pain in general, but acupuncture with it’s long history of practice, can certainly offer some relief.

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