Hypnotherapy can be used for a range of psychological, emotional and physical issues. Whether your issues are related to stress, anxiety, fears or phobias; whether you are suffering from low self esteem or lack of confidence; maybe you are concerned about an important exam, interview, public speaking engagement or presentation; perhaps you want to lose weight, change eating habits, stop smoking or break unhelpful habits, hypnotherapy may well help you.

Considerable research has been carried out to determine exactly how effective hypnotherapy can be in helping people to stop smoking, although much more needs to be done.  There is plenty of anecdotal evidence of smokers using hypnotherapy to help them successfully quit. If you have made the decision to use hypnotherapy, some would say you are already on your way to successfully becoming a non-smoker.

Closer to home, hypnotherapy has been in the news. According to York’s newspaper The Press, “Smokers in York are to be strongly encouraged to give up smoking before they have operations – with proposals to offer hypnotherapy to help them quit”. There is a possibility that there will be a pilot trial of hypnotherapists to help people quit smoking although it is not clear when this will be.

The focus of the Stop before your Op campaign is to help people quit smoking before they have an operation. Stopping before your surgery means you will require less anaesthetic, have a lower chance of developing a chest infection, and spend less time recovering (smoker’s wounds take longer to heal due to reduced levels of oxygen in blood and effect of nicotine on healing capacity).

If you would like to try hypnotherapy to help you quit smoking or with other issues and live near to York, contact the York Clinic’s Lorna Cordwell (hypno-psychotherapy) or Emma Langton (hypnotherapist),  see http://www.yorkclinic.com/therapies/hypnotherapy.aspx.

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